Plenary Notes, Oct 18-19, 2021

October 18 Opening Remarks October 18 Evening News October 19 News and Announcements October 19 Closing October 18 Opening Remarks Praven Madan’s introduction HELLOOOOO EVERYONE! WELCOME.  Thank you all for joining us today for, what we hope, will be a pivotal gathering for bookstores and our communities. My name is Praveen Madan and for my… Continue reading Plenary Notes, Oct 18-19, 2021

Audio books

Host:  Cherilyn Parsons Participants: Steve Piersanti; Susanne Pari; Cindy and Art (readers) Notes:  Cherilyn wished that publishers would allow audiobooks to be “counted” as a book sale within bundled author events — and same with e-books — because so many people are buying in these other forms instead of hardcover. It’s frustrating to be an… Continue reading Audio books

How can authors help independent bookstores?

Host:  Anne Dimock Participants: Anne, Meredith, Easty, and one other Notes:  Our conversation lasted about ½ hour, then we adjourned and went to other breakout rooms. Three of us are authors; two of us are booksellers – one of whom started her bookstore to accommodate local authors who were not represented in the local B&N.… Continue reading How can authors help independent bookstores?