We have compiled the conversations that took place at our inaugural gathering on October 18-19, 2021. They are sorted below, first by date and cohort, and then by topics:

By topic:

A note about the above topics:

We have created these topics, or categories, as a way to organize the main threads that we found in reading through the conversations. The topics were not specifically designated by the people who had these conversations. As we publish more conversations with more topics, we will add more categories. If you have any feedback or suggestions, never hesitate to let us know:

Sort through the Oct-18-19 conversations by group/day:

Plenary Notes

Cohort A Notes Day 1

Cohort B Notes Day 1

Cohort C Notes Day 1

Cohort A Notes Day 2

Cohort B Notes Day 2

Cohort C Notes Day 2

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We have set up an email discussion group to support ongoing connections between us. The group is open to anyone interested in the future of bookstores.