Can we create a funding model that exists outside of traditional lending institutions and does not rely solely upon increased profit margins?

Host:  BrocheAroe Fabian, River Dog Book Co.

Participants: Bruce DeLaney, Rediscovered Bookstore, Clare Doornbos, bookseller, Mr. Mopps, Eric Besner, Fable, Julia, Vroman’s & Book Soup, Sandi, Book Dragon, Billie Bloebaum, Bill Densmore, Nilaja Biggs, Rebecca Fitting, Greenlight, Nicole Brinkley, Tom, New Story Community Bookstore


Arts Council? Seed grants/maintenance grants

Private funding, VC model, BINC foundation model?

Seed funding for a grant pool

James Patterson?

There are a lot of bookstores and it takes a lot of money to make a noticeable difference across a lot of stores

People who are committed to the community and who are willing to step up because they value it as a resource

One source that helps with real estate

Another source that helps with other pieces of the business 

So maybe first step is for someone to create a database of potential investors, either directly in bookstores or via a funding pool.

Grants that organizations put up money during COVID – can we go back to those organizations and talk about funding an ongoing and sustainable way

Crowdfunding models

What is the community of a bookstore? Our readers, yes, but also the publishing industry; how can they support this mission?

Perhaps start by talking with BINC and seeing what their organization model looks like

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