How might we enhance the diversity of our bookstores to reflect our communities, stakeholders and inventories?

Host: Helen C


Possible: Approach to start with working on white staff – to build their cultural humility.

PB: Libraries – are a remarkable place where classes cross. 

Advocate the diverse storiesThere is a story/ history/culture – we can invest in other spaces without being colonial.

NK: Library – world. Engaging with communities in authentic ways – to create brave spaces. We are part of the community and facilitate the community doing it’s own work . We are not the experts here.

Help the people who show up find each other.  (break outs – 3 in a group) prior to the author speaking. 

What is this book meaning for you.

Authenticity – Finding people who come for each other. Every time they come together it’s a chance for strangers to come together.

Setting up our rooms – in a circle – so we can look at each other – not each others backs… in rows lined up. Creates a more inclusive atmosphere.

Connecting intentionally – with Black Owned bookstores – and highlighting BIPOC books and illustrators from the publisher side of things. Supporting – Raising issues that people care about within the publishing industry.

“ A person Library” – eg. a gender and sexuality night – get to talk with different people.

Partner with community groups – and share space.

Make connections with the schools – where the diversity is going to show up first! 🙂 

Do we create a space… for the students/ – eg. Hip Hop Center.. When come here we find out what you’re good at.

Offer Arts and Literature programs – for schools

Teen Bookstores

Success models are often based on quantity – and therefore – come up with other measures of success – for bookstores and events. How do we find other people who care about communities.

Finding groups in the community – who work with the diverse groups of people you’d like to host. Eg. The Autistic community… 

We want to build collections – that reflect our community and lead our community to new spaces

How do we make literacy interesting and inclusive.

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