How can we shift indie bookstores from a commodity offering to a “category of one” by creating one or more Grand Slam Offers?

Host:  Jill Hendrix

Participants: BradleyJones/ Morgan Hill Bookstore in CA, woman from Berrett Koehler, Carol from BookPeople, a couple of latecomers


Inspired by book $100M Offers by Alex Hormozi

Books are commodities that are easily price-shopped. With chains/online/ebooks, indie bookstores no longer have book monopolies in their communities. How do we get that back by creating bundles/packages/offers that are different and not easily compared. Classic example is author event that includes book. Once you have that monopoly offer you can charge premium pricing, make more profit.

What makes an offer grand-slam is when it becomes self-funding so you can perpetually market and grow the base.

Other examples
-Start a 12 days of Xmas family tradition (remainedered books bundled in a pillowcase with stencil, fabric paint, etc.

-Membership programs: customers, patreon, school author events

-Welcome to Greenville box targeted thru fb ads at newcomers to community. Possibly partner with realtors, chamber of commerce. If can generate x number of sales/month can sell access to box to others and it becomes self-funding.

-”Book flight”: bundle of virtual events


-Big-name authors offered to smaller stores that wouldn’t normally get them as a goodwill gesture to the indie community (the way we bookstores offer raffle prizes to our communities). Every ABA member to be guaranteed an in-person event of a certain level author.

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