Designing for Stories

Host:  Steve Wax

Participants: Wendy Thomas Russell, Margo Sage-El, Lisa Uhrik, Vickie Titcombs (?) need 2 more


  • Indie bookstores are increasingly designing for a story, not just a book or category. 
    • — As are museums, libraries, galleries, and shops
  • Lisa at Franklin Fixtures is encouraging and supporting more and more story thinking around the design of stores.
  • Discussion: are storytelling sections taking over more and more of the category sections?
    • The importance of staff selects, including handwritten shelf talkers
  • Merchandising examples of stories that they tell: Anthropology, Urban Outfitters
  • But it takes a lot of time and work to create stories.
  • Telling the story behind the story is powerful. And tell a story others want to retell, not just enjoy.
  • Important to have your staff walk the store every morning so they know how they have changed layout-wise
  • Indie publishers should send their staff out on field trips to indie stores to better understand what is happening to their books when they leave the warehouse

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