How do we define our niche in our community as we’re dramatically changing business models?

Host: Anna Brown, Katy Budget Books

Participants: Jason Boog (Fable), Margie Franzen (Wanderlust Bookshop), Susan C (The Book Keeper), Brittany Caine (Kepler’s), Emil C (River’s End), Daniel O’Brien, Jasmin Brooks (Bookery Manchester), Kirsten Hess (Let’s Play); Eric Besner (Fable), Jhoanna Belfer (Bel Canto Books)


  • Jason Boog: Discussed how Fable works
  • Would it benefit indies for local influencers to “adopt” one of us?
    • (Jhoanna) Yes! Work together to determine what that adoption will look like (expectations)
  • Susan C: Lean into what your customers are buying
  • Book clubs and special events help define your niche
  • Pandemic actually brought in some new customer base who started as web order customers and now come in
  • Book clubs: how do you incentivize attendance and buying the books from you? Book club discounts, providing moderator, snacks
  • Part of our niche is just being a part of our community, and discussing that between staff and customers in your store helps everyone appreciate that two-way relationship
  • Bookstore memberships: offers perks and community buy-in, levels?
    • Free member tickets to ticketed events, host your event at the bookstore, private shopping hours
  • Podcasting space in store to reach a new part of community?
  • Appreciation event for local social media influencers who support you

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