How do we engage in meaningful professional development for our teams? (project management, general management skills, etc)

Host:  Stephanie Denton 

Participants: Linda-Marie Barrett, Anna Brown, Esty, Shari Stauch, Clancey D’Isa, Pam French, Jasmine Brooks, Aggie, Hamid Akbari


Questions and reflections around: 

  • Development of staff which seeks professionalizing the aspects of bookselling that are overlooked: management, career skills, development 
  • Community foundation: creating and sustaining it 
  • How much management matters 

Transitions to management positions; what mattered: 

  • Mentorship programs and good managers by example; people as resources and time to direct the conversation 
  • Peers and mentors in other industries; no competition 
  • Opportunity to define the place of the manager in the process of professional development 
  • Being told there is a career possibility, should you want it; idea coming from both sides 
  • Positions beyond management 
  • Transferable skills as reasoning to stay in the stores

Professional benefits from BINC 

  • Scholarships for professional development 
  • Stipends to offset the cost, for stores, to support professional development 

Storytelling as skill

  • Storytelling a central skills, business administration 
  • Bookkeeping, another excellent and transferrable skill, like HR, social media, and project management

Team Building 

  • Generating teamwork through shared commitment 
  • The Gold Standard ​​
  • Making staff feel like they’ve done something big

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