Should we form something like a Stewardship Council to maintain the momentum?

Host:   Praveen Madan, Kepler’s Books


  • Jamilah, House of Pages
  • Missy, Katy Budget Books
  • Ryan Jackson, Open Books (Chicago)
  • Suzanna Hermans, Oblong (Did primary note taking)
  • Bradley, BookSmart
  • Lanora, sales rep 
  • Deb, Literati Bookstore
  • Kendra, reader
  • Sandra, reader/author
  • Clancey, Seminary Co-Op
  • Esme, Firestorm Books
  • Latanya, Bronx Bound Books
  • Alex, PW
  • Will, Emerson Collective
  • Vanessa, author
  • Denise, author
  • Bradley, Morgan Hill Books
  • Dan
  • Bunnie, Brave + Kind Bookshop
  • Kristin, Hicklebees
  • Roy – Rozzie Bound
  • Amber, Left Bank
  • Sara, Charis Books
  • Jahtiek, P&T Knitwear
  • Daniel, ABA
  • Evan Karp, bookseller/publisher 
  • Amanda Hall, Kepler’s
  •  hybrid (non-profit arm), was curious to find out what a stewardship council means
  • Denise: has fundraising experience, here to learn and would love to help.
    • Oh, one thing I forgot to say:  Part of my book sales strategy was purposefully telling all my supporters not to buy from Amazon (b/c Amazon is not a good friend to the Latinx community…and many others).
  • Alex: sees this entire gathering as a shift & step forward in organizing among booksellers, excited to see how it might lead to systemic change.
  • Kendra: here as a reader with a strong lifelong connection to her local bookstore (Kepler’s), wants to keep bookselling moving forward.
  • Kristin: curious about all the different models for bookselling, wants to learn more.
    • How do we keep publishers engaged in the stewardship council? As we explore nonprofit/co-op models, it seems important that we make sure that publishers still view us as profitable enough partners to give us access to their product, right?
  • Evan: curious to see what we can do together in a non-hierarchical group, with follow-ups.
  • Will: social purpose group, wants to learn more about what bookstores are up against.
  • Sandra: mission is to enable diverse stakeholders to convene together & produce results (share info)
  • Daniel: trying to strategize new ways to support bookstores & sustainability; what can ABA provide & what are its limits; one priority is increasing access to capital
  • Vanessa: here to listen
  • Roy: plans to incorporate as cultural cooperative, multi-stakeholder, wants to connect cooperative bookstores, wants to see more mentorship

“Rozzie Bound is a new bookstore in Boston in the process of becoming a worker and consumer owned cooperative.  We are also trying to create a network of stores that are either cooperatives or interested in exploring cooperative ownership.  We have hosted two virtual meetups, created a Directory of Cooperative Bookstores (, and are hoping to find more stores interested in joining such a mutual support network.”

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