How does the “reimagined bookstore” exist in the current climate alongside more traditional models? What questions come into play as we move forward?

Host: Lisa – Buffalo Street Books



  • Is the reimagined bookstore in conflict with more traditional models? Some of the models will be non-profit.
  • The non-traditional stores already exist in this community. Nontraditional stores are doing their thing already.
  • The non-trad stores are already doing many of things we’re discussing.
  • The same things aren’t going to work for every store (like every bookstore already).
  • How does a bookstore who has gone to the city asking for funding, distinguish themselves from another bookstore who may not need those resources.
  • Reframing the competition mindset to think of lifting all boats. Or what the other business is doing doesn’t really matter. 
  • The “mission-based” bookstore doesn’t really explain anything. We’re reimagining bookstores and assuming that reimagined bookstores don’t already exist.
  • What are we centering when we talk about reimagining traditional stores or are we talking about reimagining the industry?
  • How does this relate to wages?
  • Shoring up the future means finding other revenue sources.
  • We need advocacy work in the finance field. 

Question – How do “reimagined bookstores” exist alongside “traditional models” – 

Veronica – Already existing in this reality. Does it matter? We’re doing what we do – coexisting with stores in the same city in the same neighborhood – what we do pushes those stores to do more for the social good. It’s not just imagining a bookstore of the future – it’s already happening. Is it that everyone becomes more okay with embracing these possibilities. 

How to show why one store needs funding that another doesn’t? Show data and results that explain why your store needs funding. 

Use care with how you are framing your ask/need and make sure it is real and authentic. Do that well and you should be fine. Events we do can be framed as a community center – make money through books to fund the space for these events to exist and for our outreach to exist. 

Open mic example – get grants to create this one program – track record there then helps with future grants

Just because there’s one after school program doesn’t mean you don’t fund another new afterschool program.

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