Community Partners to collaborate with to deepen literacy

Host:  Jasmine Valandani



Durham, NC has a group called Book Harvest a non-profit that provides books to 0-5 year olds – once a month visit and gifted 2 free new books. They collect donations from the community. There are statistics that book ownership translates to higher literacy rates

Jessica Stockton-Bagnulo, I came late and am very interested in your Secret Snowflake program. If you have time to email me at some point I’m at Thank you!

Jessica: Sure Angela, happy to share the info I’ve got!  It’s specific to NYC but could certainly be adapted.

Nialle, Haunted Bookshop IA – has books for reduced sale in a pass through area – $1 hardback, .50 paperback – and funds at the end of the year are provided to a local non-profit

Bill Upton – at the register – books for sale that are on a wishlist for a local non-profit – so it can be an add on sale and not just a wishlist

Irene Ryan – local library is restricted to only Baker & Taylor books (or at least limited distribution) and were unable to procure the current Poet Laureate’s published works because they were from a small publisher not involved with B&T.  

Talia Whyte – partners with Friends of the Library – on her page has the giftable list from the library and gives them 50% of profits of books sold.  Seek out friends group from your local library

Talia – is with Rozzie Bound – a Co-op model, owners are the workers

What are other ways to deepen literacy, beyond offering books?

Question about bookstores providing opportunities for self-publishing– wondering about other possibilities for bookstores to disseminate information – what are precedents/options?

Bill Upton – Espresso Machine bookmaker – created the printing and binding — copier/printer 

Naille – There are companies that advertise an old book sold as new, they are using a similar machine to reprint (pages don’t always line up)

Fee Free Reading Room – let them choose books from your inventory, then pile them at the counter and ask customers to buy these for this organization

Bookmobiles – donate to local organizations

Giving customers opportunities to pay for books that are distributed by outside means – e.g. AfroFuturist Reading Room (?) – community spaces for learning, outside retail 

Reframe our curation – How can we reach consumers to explain our selection criteria – how the customers will benefit from our selection criteria

Jasmine – An Indie bookstore can help foster space for inquiry and offer resources for community to build critical thinking skills – How are we helping folks to navigate and digest the surplus of information?   

Nialle: “The illiterates of the future will not be those who cannot read, they will be those who do not know how to learn.” Alvin Toeffler

John Perkins – if I walk in to a Coop Bookstore – I know they will be curated — how do we make our selections. 

Is there a resource to find curated, well-thought selections of books

John Perkins: Columbia journalism students – a great project to associate books with current media – by UPI, AP, where are the books that go with this [current] event

Jasmine – could there be a resource/place for suggestions from booksellers of shared response to current events. 

John: Curating reading lists in a fast, responsive way as current events unfold– example of Oreo commercial created in 15 minutes!

We should reach out to — a distribution center, patrons order from their page – about cooperating to provide suggestions of books to match current events

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