How do we reimagine the relationship between Bookstores and Publishers?

Host:  Len Vlahos


Len: The relationship hasn’t changed in at least 35 years

Ann Seaton:  This affects the entire ecosystem- as an author how does Len see this from an author perspective

Len:  The relationship is more rational as an author with contracts, royalties, rates etc.  As a bookseller he felt he couldn’t get ahead.

Derek Stordahl – this is the largest breakout room so obviously a massive interest in the subject – but how do we grow the pie for everyone rather than slicing it differently

Elayna Trucker: Publishers tell Indies they are hugely important as influencers but we’re also only 2% of the market.  Why not give us huge discounts – it will benefit their top line but barely dent their bottom line.  

As big publishers consolidate this would enable us to buy more from smaller publishers also – paying it forward.

Wendy Thomas Russell: Does Amazon get much higher discounts than indies?

Steve Wax – How can small publishers sell more books into indies though?

Christie Olson Day – Even if we publishers won’t move on base discounts, how can they help us increase our functional discounts?

Antonia: Batch For Books Inc – this is key to increasing our margins by significantly reducing our book keeping/ accounting costs.

What are the biggest challenges to getting publishers on Batch? Booksellers should talk to their reps every buy AND publishers should talk to their distributors.

We keep saying there is now consensus across booksellers, but has there been an effort to build consensus?

Can we be compensated for the work we do on behalf of publishers’ books?  Marketing, events, taste makers, influencers

Compensation and discounts are not the same thing – but effective discount, functional discount is key.

We have to be able to control our own pricing

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