How do we reimagine connections with universities and libraries as cohorts with Indie bookstores for the benefit of all?

Host:  Lisa Uhrik

Participants: Lisa Uhrik, Jasmine Valandani, Gayle Wattawa, Shari Stauch


Lisa – Franklin Fixtures: how to create spaces, organizational development and literacy (museums and bookstores)

Book – America Becoming by Lisa Uhrik

Japan – buy or borrow model – how to partner with libraries to create stores within a library

museum stores as extension of museums

Jasmine – Keplers Books, background in museums, interested in partnerships with local schools and libraries

Gayle – works at Heyday publishers in Berkeley- 

Attracted to topic, relationships between pubs and Indies, how to create networks within the larger ecology/partnerships with 

Desire to imagine more ways to strengthen these partnerships

What if the bookstore becomes more of a gathering space for college students – university as untapped resource

Expanding the footprint of indie bookstores w/o extending the footprint; libraries need more space to display books/generate interest; need foot traffic; library events generate interest

Universities have professors that might like to speak in the bookstore – how to team with a dean to generate interest , e.g. college of education, programs in children’s literature — 

College stores are behind indies in creating synergy between book sales and community/author events

Becoming an extension of the university, bringing in community

How to be efficacious in partnerships re events –

Noticing indie bookstores streaming events, online programs (storytimes, bookclubs) – how more partners could benefit through this – 

Bringing in more local color to programming

→ A Pattern Language (Christopher Alexander) – bringing the idea of pattern of successful living to this process : the pattern of local ownership

An independent bookstore thrives on the local

Store inside a library – space within a space – even developing an afterhours space to purchase the books 

Indies can be mavericks more quickly than other entities (libraries, museum stores, universities) – innovate more quickly, make decisions more unilaterally

Partnership with a museum store & indies could be especially synergistic — also sharing merch – cross merchandising

Bookstores have the leadership to make this happen – 

Museum events at bookstores / book events at museums

How do we look beyond the view of competition between these entities (eg competition between stores, from online shopping) 

Good fences make good neighbors – your success=?    What is it and how can I support it?

Defining end goals, having the right dialogue

When people come to a museum, they want a story

How can indie bookstores create a similar experience ?

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